Murilo Huff makes an extraordinary faux pas and gets reprimanded by Eliana

Murilo Huff makes an extraordinary faux pas and gets reprimanded by Eliana

Murilo Huff talked too much, put his feet in his hands and got a scolding like Eliana did this Sunday afternoon (14). The compatriot finally gave a spoiler about the program, spoiling the surprise for a guest. The moderator had to intervene at that moment and scold the singer.

It all started when Murillo Ruff praised the change in appearance of the contestant of the Beleza Renovada painting, in which a person is chosen to win a new look and receive a surprise on stage.

It turns out that the production of the program had prepared a surprise for the guest, and in the end the singer spoiled the participant’s emotions. “I saw your mother back there, she stayed there the whole time…” said Murilo Huff, who was immediately interrupted by Eliana. “How is it?” the presenter asked. Visibly embarrassed, the sertanejo covered his face with his hands and apologized for the mistake.

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Also this Sunday, Murilo Huff, 26, had to forego spending Father’s Day with his 2yearold son Léo due to his relationship with Marília Mendonça. In an interview with Quem, the country singer said he misses the boy.

“My Father’s Day will work because I’m doing a show, missing Leo and my dad but very thankful to be healthy and working, being able to bring joy to the boys. When I get to Goiânia, I will miss you,” revealed Murilo Huff, who also responded with what he hopes to receive as a gift.

“Who doesn’t like to get a present? But I don’t care either, I’m not attached to it. I already have the greatest gift I could have received in life, a wonderful son. Besides health, a wonderful family, a wonderful father. Those are the things that really matter,” said Murilo Huff.