1673309530 Muccinos son and the shocking experience as an assistant director

Muccino’s son and the shocking experience as an assistant director: “Insults and obscenities. They said to an actress: “Russian

The world of cinema is not only an art field, but also a profession in which awkward meetings can be held, as in any office or company. But it’s difficult to come across comments on social media from promising young people early in their careers accusing the director of behavior that borders on psychological abuse. And he had the courage to do and to write, Silvio Leonardo MuccinoSon of the well-known director Gabriele Muccino, who described on his Instagram profile his experiences on the set as an assistant director to an unnamed director.


Shameful sentence

“I’ve seen several. And I’ve never seen a director address the crew in a more shameful, rude and arrogant way than I saw in a very recent experience a few days ago – he writes in a later removed post – from assistants to operators actors, even to the extras, rudeness and embarrassing jokes were distributed equally among everyone,” denounces Muccino.

Muccinos son and the shocking experience as an assistant director

insults and swear words

Silvio Leonardo Muccino, just 22 years old, probably inspired by his father’s footsteps, carries on his learning in the field, but one of these experiences touched him so much that he made it public: ««I heard a Russian actress named .. .” Above all, another is asked to put on “iron panties” and other phrases at the most vulgar and aggressive level, addressed to assistants and the rest of the crew,” she writes on Instagram. “Not to mention a boy who does that “None of this was ironic, it’s beyond all possible logic, common sense and humanity to taunt the crew members one by one in such a sleazy omnipotence delusion that needs to stop.”

To resign

However, following the social outburst and complaint, Muccino Jr. removed that post: “The Old Cinema has many stories of directors deemed despotic and anecdotes about the tense/quarrelsome/crazy/tough climate that comes with the weaknesses of this or that.” connected to other film directors . But if this show that we’re witnessing and going under the radar continues on productions where obviously nobody has the guts to say what’s happening, then I wonder where the line is.”