MPLA condemns subversive plots against Angola

MPLA condemns subversive plots against Angola

Although omitting names of individuals or organizations, the leader of the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) pointed to among those responsible the leader of one of the competing parties in the current electoral process, whose behavior he reiterated was “reprehensible in every respect”.

In his opinion, they try to use the people to defend the undeclared interests of a particular political party; therefore, the allegations of undermining the credibility of the National Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Court, two key bodies in organizing and supervising the elections, are unfounded.

“These politicians are not patriots; They give the international community the wrong idea that the institutions of the Angolan state are not credible,” Lourenço estimated in a massive electoral support operation for the MPLA in the western province of Benguela.

The will of the Angolans cannot be influenced from outside, neither through the media nor through the means that are given to the opponents in the country.

According to the also Head of State and Government, genuinely organized civil society and the churches have a patriotic position as they support free and fair elections and promote an orderly and peaceful process.

Next Sunday, according to his example, ecumenical cults will be celebrated in various parts of the country to pray for the election success on August 24th.

The process involves eight candidates, seven of whom are fighting for a first victory and one, the MPLA, for continuity because we have the power to present and demonstrate with a work that it is not small but “big in scale”. was in practically every area,” he said.

Although almost half of the current mandate has been amputated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Executive Branch continued efforts to improve health, education, energy and water supplies, maintain and build highways, and develop new housing capacity, explained the President.

In his speech, which lasted about an hour, he also described the main socio-economic advances in Benguela and the MPLA’s plans for the next five years, similar to campaign events in other provinces.

More than 14 million 399 thousand citizens are entitled to vote on the 24th to elect the President and Vice President of the Republic and the 220 deputies of the National Assembly (unicameral Congress).

According to official figures, the MPLA won the parliamentary elections in 1992, 2008, 2012 and 2017 by large majorities.