MP accuses the actress of forging certificates to withhold R million from her husband

MP accuses the actress of forging certificates to withhold R$10 million from her husband

The State Ministry of São Paulo fined former actress Suzy Camacho, 61, who became known for her participation in soap operas in the 1970s and 1980s, for allegedly falsifying medical certificates in order to gain access to the accounts of her husband, an elderly man, in the amount of R$ 10 million to get hospitalized for two years in the capital São Paulo. The prosecution’s entry in the case was revealed by UOL.

Businessman Farid Curi, 85, was one of the partners in the Atacadão supermarket chain, which was bought by Carrefour in 2013 for around R$2.2 billion. The two marry under a regime of complete separation of property. In 2020, amid Farid’s deteriorating mental health, the businessman’s children went to court to block a request to release R$10 million from a mutual fund. Suzy Camacho overturned the decision by providing medical certificates on her husband’s health.

Prosecutor Márcia Leite Macedo, who is signing the complaint, claims that the doctors responsible for the certificates were “cheated” by the actress, “who veiled the scenario of the facts and never informed the professionals that the statements they presented as evidence would be used. of Farid’s intellectual capacity”.

In another part of the complaint, the MP says Suzy “maliciously” submitted the documents to the judiciary in order to release the money and circumvent her husband’s ban, which “misled” the judges in charge of the case.

As a witness, one of the doctors who signed the certificates testified that he even verbalized to Suzy that the businessman had “dementia” and related cognitive problems. According to him, the entire document was omitted.

Curi was diagnosed with encephalitis (inflammation in the brain) in 2019 and is currently hospitalized. According to a report submitted by his children, the disease left irreversible consequences that left him “incapable of the acts of civil life” and impaired his cognition.

The heirs and the actress have been locked in a legal battle since last year. The children accuse Suzy of embezzling assets and resources, preventing contact with the businessman, and changing the medical team that was caring for him. “The prosecutor’s indictment reflects the excellent work done by the civilian police in the series of ongoing investigations,” say lawyers Rubens de Oliveira and Rodrigo Carneiro Maia, representing Farid Curi’s children. “The family trusts in justice,” says Curis defense.

Suzy denies the allegations. Her lawyer, Luiz Flávio Borges D’Urso, explains that the former actress “never used untrue medical certificates and that the allegations made by her stepchildren are unfounded and false. The medical certificates were not considered false and were not classified by reputable doctors, making it impossible to accuse them of their use. However, if the certificates are true, their use can never be considered abusive or criminal.”

According to D’Urso, the conflict is another chapter in the lawsuit brought by the businessman’s children “motivated solely by a financial dispute they provoked.” According to the lawyer, Curi’s children are also being investigated for criminal offenses in connection with the investigation, including slanderous denunciation and the collapse of their father’s assets.