Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix: The Definitive Guide January 2023    Best Picture

Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix: The Definitive Guide January 2023 Best Picture

Netflix is one of the largest streaming services in the world today, offering its subscribers a wide range of TV and film content of all genres. That of the platform is a constantly evolving program, with an avalanche of new series and films that are regularly added to the catalogue, often becoming real global phenomena: from stranger things to The Witcherby Wednesday and dhamer, there are many original products that are proven to be among the most watched the public has ever seen. In this article, we list all of Netflix’s monthly releases, including new shows, movies, and documentaries, as well as updates to the most popular titles already out there. In short, a complete overview of the latest Netflix programming trends and news, listed day by day to keep up with the countless titles on the platform. Here are the movies and TV series you can watch on Netflix in January 2023:

Kaleidoscope (TV series)

Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix The Definitive

Set over 25 years, the new anthology series Kaleidoscope (formerly Jigsaw) follows a gang of master thieves as they attempt to open a seemingly untouchable vault for history’s greatest loot. Under the watchful eye of the world’s most powerful corporate security and law enforcement team, each episode unveils a piece of an elaborate puzzle of corruption, greed, revenge, intrigue, alliances and betrayal. How did the gang of thieves come up with the plan? Who gets away with this? Who can you trust?

Jerry Maguire (movie)

shoelaces (movie)

The Good Doctor 5 (TV series)

The Way of the Apron – The Homemade Yakuza 2

The Lies of Adults (TV series)

Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix The Definitive

Little girl Giovanna’s beautiful face has been transformed into that of an ugly, evil teenager. But are things really like that? And in what mirror do we have to look to find and save ourselves? The search for a new face, for the happy one of childhood, oscillates between two Neapolitans who are blood relatives, but who fear and hate each other: the Neapolitan above, who has put on a fine mask, and the one below, who pretends to be excessive. trivial. Giovanna vacillates between high and low, sometimes she falls, sometimes she climbs up, disoriented by the fact that the city appears unanswerable and hopeless, whether up or down.

MADOFF – The Monster of Wall Street (Miniseries)

Totenfrau – Lady of the Dead (TV series)

Copenhagen Cowboy (TV series)

Copenhagen Cowboys

Copenhagen Cowboy is an electrifying, neon-lit, six-episode noir series about the enigmatic young heroine Miu, who traverses the grueling world of Copenhagen’s criminal underworld as she begins a new beginning after a life of servitude. In search of justice and revenge, Miu meets her nemesis Rakel and together they embark on an odyssey through the natural and supernatural dimensions. The past changes and ultimately defines their future as the two young women discover that they are not alone.

Ginny & Georgia 2 (TV Series)

The Light Blue Eye – The West Point Murders (Movie)

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West Point, 1830. The body of a cadet is found in the early morning hours of one winter. But after the body arrives at the morgue, the tragedy turns brutal when it is discovered that the boy’s heart has been precisely removed. Fearing irreparable damage to the newly opened military academy, the directors turn to local detective Augustus Landor to help solve the murder. Hampered by the code of silence among the recruits, Landor hires one of her own to conduct the investigation, an eccentric cadet named Edgar Allan Poe who despises the rigidity of the military world and loves poetry.

pressure cooker (series)

Kai, the hitchhiker with the hatchet (documentary)

Ruido – A voice that never goes away (film)

Makanai (TV series)

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After school, sixteen-year-old Kiyo leaves the city of Aomori to move to Kyoto with her friend Sumire, with dreams of becoming a magnificent maiko (apprentice geisha). But realizing that she is not suitable and ready to return to Aomori disappointed and in tears, Kiyo discovers her passion for cooking and is hired as a makanai, the cook of a house where the maiko live. Meanwhile, Sumire transforms into a fantastic maiko who is becoming increasingly popular on the streets of the Gion district. Here begins the fun and delightful life of a Makanai and a Maiko.

Vikings Valhalla 2 (TV Series)

Sky Rojo 3 (TV series)

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The new episodes take place six months after the final battle. Coral, Wendy and Gina discover that peace is nothing more than an illusion between times of terror. As their lives are turned upside down, the girls realize that the past is returning and that if they really want to be free, they must try to bury it once and for all…or in other words, bury Romeo.

Love Life 2 (TV series)

Breakpoint (Documentation)

Dog Gone – The Extraordinary Journey of Gonker (film)

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After losing his beloved dog on the Appalachian Trail, a young man and his father embark on a desperate mission to find him before it’s too late. Based on an incredible true story of humanity and everyday heroism. The film, which is coming to Netflix, is based on the book “Lost Dog” by Pauls Toutonghi.

The Catholic School (movie)

The Show of the 90’s (TV Series)

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It’s 1995 and Leia Forman is desperate for a little adventure, or at least a close friend who isn’t her father. When he arrives at Point Place to visit his grandparents, Red and Kitty, he finds exactly what he’s looking for just a stone’s throw from home: the feisty and rebellious Gwen. With the help of Gwen’s friends, including adorable brother Nate and his smart and determined girlfriend Nikki, sarcastic and funny Ozzie, and charming Jay, Leia discovers that adventure is near, just like it was for her parents many years ago. Excited about being able to reinvent herself, she convinces her parents to let her stay for the whole summer. With a basement full of teenagers, Kitty is delighted that the Forman house has become a sanctuary for a new generation while Red stays… well, old Red.

Junji Ito Maniac (anime series)


Horror manga guru Junji Ito’s stories are adapted. Created by the undisputed king of the genre, Junji Ito, the horror manga masterpieces are coming to Netflix as an anime series. Twenty unbelievable stories about madness are animated from Ito’s extensive catalog of works. Among them: Hanging Blimp, Tomie, Four x Four Walls and Intruder.

AlKhallat+ (movie)

The Fighters (TV series)

Bake Squad – Pastry Team 2 (Reality)

Bling Empire: New York (Reality TV)

Sole Applicant (TV series)


Coming to Netflix, Single Candidate is a comedy directed by François Uzan and Jean-Pascal Zadi and starring Stéphane Blé, an idealistic teacher who is accidentally catapulted into the French presidential election campaign.

Fauda 4 (TV series)

YOUNG_E (movie)

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“With the information from Captain Yun Jung-yi’s brain, we will create a perfect combat robot.” Earth has been devastated by drastic climate change, and humanity has migrated to new havens in space where civil war has raged for decades. Yun Jung-yi becomes an incredible mercenary and military strategist responsible for countless victories, but a failed mission leaves her in a vegetative state and Kronoid, a company developing artificial intelligence for military use, tries to come up with a perfect robot fighting to create clones of his brain. Thirty-five years later, Yun Seo-hyun, Jung-yi’s daughter, joins this initiative as a research director for the JUNG_E project. After limited progress, despite countless attempts at cloning and simulation, Kronoid gives up research to start another project, but Seo-hyun discovers her plans and tries to save JUNG_E. This begins the escape from the research laboratory of the battle clone JUNG_E. Directed by Korean Sang-ho Yeon, director of the film Train to Busan and TV series Hellbound, the film will be available on Netflix.

Mission Majnu (movie)

Shahmaran (TV Series)

Slum (TV series)

Narvik (movie)

Physical: 100 to 1 (reality)

Against the Ropes (TV series)

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After six years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Ángela faces her greatest challenge: getting her life back on track while earning the love and respect of her daughter, Rocío. When he discovers that she has a passion for wrestling, Ángela transforms into the Black Bride and finds in sport a way to win her daughter’s affections as well as the public eye.

The Night That Never Ends (Season 1) (TV Series)

Daniel Spellbound 2 (TV Series)

Recording of Ragnarok II (TV Series)

Love’s Interest (TV Series)

Kings of Jo’burg 2 (TV Series)

Snow White (TV Series)

Lockwood & Co. (TV series)


In a haunted world where powerful corporations use paranormal teenagers to fight the supernatural, only one company operates without adult supervision: Lockwood & Co. Led by Anthony Lockwood, a rebellious young entrepreneur haunted by his mysterious past, from his brilliant but eccentric sidekick George and a newcomer named Lucy with incredible powers, this loner trio is about to unravel a terrifying mystery that will change the course of history.

You People (movie)

Princess Power (TV series)

Pamela, a love story (documentary)


Pamela, A Love Story is an intimate and humane portrait of one of the world’s most fascinating and famous women, chronicling the life and career of Pamela Anderson from small town girl to international sex symbol, actress, activist and loving mother.