Mourning in football Belgian goalkeeper dies mid game after saving a

Mourning in football: Belgian goalkeeper dies mid-game after saving a penalty

Winkel Sport B player Arne Espeel collapsed in the game against SK Westrozebeke and died at the age of 25.

shock in the world of football. Belgian football witnessed the sudden death of the goalkeeper Arne Espel. The 25-year-old footballer belonged to Winkel Sport B and was killed on February 11 in the game against SK Westrozebeke. As per local media reports, the goalkeeper collapsed after saving a penalty kick for his team. One of the employees of the technical command explained what was happening on the field.

“The ball was still in play. Our goalkeeper got up as fast as he could to get the ball but then he fell. It was really horrible to see,” assistant Stefaan Dewerchin said in dialogue with Vrt Nws.

The Belgian press reported that the athlete received medical attention at the time and attempts were made to revive him; However, they could not save his life.

“All the players were in the dressing room together after the incident. When the news broke that our goalkeeper was dead, it was an unusually heavy blow. I think some still don’t know exactly what happened,” added Dewerchin.

For its part, the institution spoke through its social networks and regretted the death of their young player. “Winkel Sport deeply regrets the sudden death of goalkeeper Arne Espeel. We wish his family and friends our deepest condolences on this great loss. Football isn’t that important for a while,” the statement said.