Mourning for William and Kate: Words are heartbreaking, despairing issues

Mourning for William and Kate: Words are heartbreaking, despairing issues

A new sadness has seized the English royal family: His disappearance has shaken the Duchess of Cambridge.

His presence has certainly played a major role for the whole family, especially in special and delicate moments. Let’s see who it is.

Drama by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton She is experiencing an important drama, the loss of one of the people who has been closest to her in recent years, besides her children. It’s about Christine Hill, Obstetrician and expert in neonatology. Her relationship with the House of Windsor begins with her profession, Hill had indeed joined William and Kate Early and difficult pregnancy.

In fact, the royals had turned to her for support, coaching and help throughout the trip George’s birthan event that was awaited by the whole world and happened on July 22, 2013at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

News of Christine Hill’s disappearance at the age of 74 years oldShe left Kate devastated: a pain dictated by the shared experience, by help, by mutual knowledge, by the bond formed over the years.

Kate and William mourn

A mutual respect and trust resulting in the British royals trusting Hill with everything the difficult and troubled path of pregnancy. The words of Kate Middleton they leave no doubt: he was a strong, important presence, crucial for the birth of the first child.

With all eyes on each other and the heavy responsibility of “giving the family an heir,” William and Kate start one in Christine Hill valid supportone trusted and competent hand to face this experience.

A painful loss

In a statement, Kate Middleton expressed it all sadness and the big regret for this sudden shortage, even reminded me of some character traits and the value of presence this great professional: “We will miss him terribly. His exuberant, funny and direct demeanor it has made her many friends”.

The Duchess then added, almost admitting “Unpreparedness” and the naivety that one experiences when first-time parents are born: “William and I both knew that the arrival of a royal baby It was something everyone was happy about we are grateful for the enormous support that we have received from humans. At the same time, however, we had a baby, We were inexperienced parents and unsure of what that meant“.

Kate Middleton

Christine Hill was certainly represented a great and important help in the management and preparation of the big event Birth of the eldest son Georgjokingly called by all “baby george“, third heir to the throne of the great English dynasty. A Responsibility well managed by this great professionalnow plants from across the UK home.