Mourning for Simona Ventura the tragic death and the deep

Mourning for Simona Ventura, the tragic death and the deep pain. “Rest in Peace…”

A tragic mourning for Simona Ventura, it was she who announced the disappearance on her Instagram account with a touching farewell message.

Simon Ventura

One of the most successful presenters and one of the most popular with audiences on Italian television is Simona Ventura, who truly made television history and still holds the reins of programs that bring great joy.

This last year, before the summer closure of the schedules, we saw them at the top of “Citofonare Rai 2” together with my colleague Paola Peregoa program dedicated to the public on Sunday mornings that had good ratings.

As for the ‘enemy’ front, ie the competition, Mediaset isn’t doing so well, their program “Ultima Fermata” had very low ratings and was heavily criticized, however, responsibility for the transmission’s failure does not lie with Simona, who has always proved to be an institution in her work.

Unfortunately, it was the format that didn’t please me to the public at home, who have repeatedly expressed conflicting opinions, divided into four episodes, in many negative cases, they simply did not understand the meaning of the transfer itself, many judged them similarly “Island of Temptation”great absentee of this season, we’ll see if he will return with the next one to make the screaming numbers of the previous editions.

But now it’s up to Simona to put everything on hold and allow herself a moment of well-deserved rest before she gets back in top form with the next season, which hasn’t always been easy for her in recent years, on the contrary, she had to suffer and cope with really complex situations, like the terrible disease of his companion.

As if that wasn’t enough, he recently had to deal with itand a grief that excited her terribly and the same has decided to get involved from the heart through its social channels.

Simon Ventura

The devastating grief Simona Ventura faces

Simona Ventura has just announced the terrible sadness for the tragic death of Don Raimondo perhaps an unknown name for many, but for those who frequently visit the Costa Smeralda it is an important name, especially for Simona it was a point of reference.

In fact, the well-known presenter decided to write a few warm words by publishing a post on Instagram, she recalls: “He is Don Raimondo. For those who, like me, have been going to Sardinia since 1987, he was not only the guardian of the Stella Maris Church, but also an inclusive and special person!”.

Don Raimondo was the pastor of the mighty church Stella Maris and the two met especially in the times when the presenter spent a quiet time in Sardinia.

It is clear from Simona’s words that it was Don Raimondo a special person to whom she was particularly attached, he continues: “He preached sermons that were never equal to himself, he was sensitive and effective. Above all, Don Raimondo was welcoming. They lasted no more than half an hour (at one point it was rumored that he was filmed and kindly helped to calm things down) in order to allow the masses to access the mass.

Simon Ventura

Simona is also keen to make an important clarification which he leaves at the end of his farewell message: “Therefore I find it deeply unfair when I see him being defined as a ‘parish minister’! He was the pastor of EVERYONE!!! Rest in Peace Don… We will never forget you”.

Super Simo is going through a deep pain that she can surely overcome, because as she has shown over time, she is a strong woman.