Mourning and national mourning in Chile after the death of

Mourning and national mourning in Chile after the death of a communist terrorist

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boricordered two days of national mourning with flags at half-mast after the death of the 18-year-old leader of the Chilean Communist Party.

William Tellier who died at the age of 79, was also a member of parliament for three terms after the fall of the Marxist Salvador Allende and was previously leader of the Chilean resistance.

Boric played Honor Guard in front of Tellier’s coffin and declared that he had “dedicated his life since his youth to building a fairer and better Chile.”

The former president Michelle Bachelet He also attended the wake as an honor guard in front of Tellier’s remains.

Radical left-wing leaders of regional dictatorships also initially praised Tellier Nicolas Maduro who “deeply” regretted the departure of his “great friend”.

Today’s Boric government is maintained thanks to this fact Communist Party which is represented in key ministries such as Education, Labor and the Secretary General of the Government.

Tellier was a secret guerrilla fighter who was responsible for the murder of five army escorts President PinochetActs for which he was not imprisoned due to partial court decisions by left-wing judges.

Tellier was also responsible for coordinating the internment of thousands of arms Carrizal Bajoacting under the pseudonym Sebastian Larrain.

Unlike other communists who went into exile, Tellier remained secretly in Chile and “practiced” various professions.

Tellier coordinated terrorist actions with the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front FPMR and with the return of democracy he personally returned to politics.

At the same time, President Boric, in a new perverse statement, criticized an 86-year-old retired soldier who was recently convicted and committed suicide.

Boric said: “There are others who die cowardly to avoid being brought to justice.” His comments have caused widespread anger as Boric, who many consider to suffer from severe personality disorders, has caused a new division among Chileans.

September 11th marks the 50th anniversary of the fall of Salvador Allende and the government’s original plan to have many presidents in Chile has failed.

For various reasons they canceled the event and it is likely that it is a commemoration for extremists extreme left.

Tellier acted as an advisor to younger communists who, while maintaining the party’s style and historical plan, continued the legacy of their predecessors and did not rule out the armed route if the goals of seizing power were not achieved.

He Communist Party The Chilean was behind the October 2019 crime outbreak that was falsely described as social.

In Chile They burned down churchesUniversities and public buildings as well as 80 metro stations in Santiago.

The communist leaders in power today justified these actions, but today in government and citing “a different context” they declare that violence is not the way forward.

The government has ordered that public buildings, including police and Armed forcesThey fly the flag at half-mast, forgetting that Tellier was behind the planning and execution of terrorist attacks in which members of their ranks were murdered.