Mother and son do their Abitur together a promise made

Mother and son do their Abitur together: a promise made 18 years ago

A touching story was recorded in the United States, where a mother and her son have just fulfilled a promise they made 18 years ago: a graduate college together. Immanuel Patton23, remembers making a promise to his mother when he was little Carolyn, 60, who would go to college and both go on to get university degrees. With a lot of effort and dedication, the promise was kept and now the two are celebrating this triumph with great pride.

almost a few decades ago, Carolyn PattonShe had embarked on a university career, but the birth of her two children completely changed her plans and she had to postpone her studies for several years as a single mother.

“I remember saying to my mother, ‘One day it will be us. We will graduate at the same time,'” Immanuel Patton told Good Morning America.

So the young man kept thinking about the promise he made to his mother, which is why he kept encouraging her to re-enroll in the university. “He never let that promise die. He kept telling me, ‘You know mom, we’re going to do this now,'” Carolyn remarked excitedly.

The woman said that in order to raise her two children, she needs to graduate from a technology institute and exchange studies, but her big dream is to go to university.

Carolyn Patton and Immanuel Patton. Photo: GMA

For his part, the young man decided to enroll with his mother at the University of Maryland’s Global Campus, a virtual project that offers online programs, as soon as he graduated from high school.

Their classes started in 2020, but the classes became more complicated each time they moved to a different cycle and so they had to support each other to move forward. In fact, Immanuel and his mother began to have problems with his grades, but together they managed to overcome these difficulties.

“I had a breakdown on the way there and I said, ‘I just can’t do this.’ He was my coach. It was After two intense years of study, this young man managed to graduate alongside his mother, earning Bachelors of Science degrees in Public Safety Management and Liberal Arts respectively.

This young man managed to graduate alongside his mother and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety Administration and Humanities. Photo: GMA

“The most important thing for my son and I is the driving force of our faith and our relationship with God. We pray together, we laugh together and we stick together as a family. It drives us to excel in life,” Carolyn told the university’s news portal. Very firmly and said, ‘Mom, you’re almost there,'” confirmed Carolyn.

After the win, the mother hopes to supplement her salary as a coordinator at Anne Arundel Community College; while Immanuel will help new students as new opportunities open up for him.