Moscow plans a coup in Moldova with foreign saboteurs the

“Moscow plans a coup in Moldova with foreign saboteurs”: the “plan”…

Moscow plans a coup in Moldova with foreign saboteurs the

Zelenskyi also spoke to the European Council about the alleged Moscow plan uncovered by the pro-European prime minister. Moscow’s attempt at subversion, he explained, is aimed at exploiting Chisinau in the war in Ukraine and “stopping the process of European integration”.

In recent months, it has been the Washington Post that has revealed this, citing Moldovan and Ukrainian intelligence sources Fly tried to destabilize Moldovacall for protests anti-government while the government of Chisinau was under a lot of pressure from Russia and had to deal with a heavy one Economic crisis. The thesis was resubmitted by the President of Ukraine Zelensky during the European Council, after which i Ukrainian services They had intercepted a Russian plan to destabilize the political situation and seize power Moldova. And now the pro-European President Maya Sandua few days after the resignation of the Moldovan prime minister Natalia Gavrilita, explained that the Russia plans a coup in Moldovause the country in the war against Ukraine and “eliminate legitimate power Chisinau to an illegitimate who (the Moldova) are at Russia’s disposal to stop the process of European integration”. The plan – currently not verifiable, but according to reports Services National contained “instructions” on entry requirements Moldova out of RussiaBelarus, Serbia And Montenegro – would be carried out with attacks on government buildings and hostage-taking.

In particular, Russiasaid he wanted, with the support of foreigners, to plan the violent overthrow of his country’s pro-European leadership in order to carry out subversive actions,” said saboteurs military trainingdressed in civilian clothes who will take action violentthey will attack and capture some state buildings as well hostages“. “The purpose of these actions is to overthrow the constitutional order, to turn the legitimate power of Chisinau into an illegitimate one,” but Sandu added that “the attempts of the Kremlin to bring the Violence in our country they will not succeed.”

The reactions of the opposition – The first to intervene in relation to the statements of Sandu was that Bloc of Communists and Socialistsin the opposition in Moldova, which asked the President to publish the evidence of the alleged plans, which she denounced, “Otherwise – claims the Socialist Party – such statements will be seen as a provocation aimed at drawing Moldova into the armed conflict and stoke tensions in society and intimidate the opposition.” Sandu overtook his predecessor in the 2020 presidential election Igor DodonChairman of the Socialist Party and in positions close to those of contemplated Fly. Recently the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov he accused the West to try to rotate the Moldova against Russia, as he thought he would have done with Ukraine.