Moscow locks itself down: anti  aircraft shield on Defense Ministry and on Putin’s house

Moscow locks itself down: anti aircraft shield on Defense Ministry and on Putin’s house

On the roofs of some public and administrative buildings of Fly were placed anti-aircraft systems. Images posted to social media show a Pantsir missile system installed on the eight-story building used by the Department of Defense along the Moscow River. The feeling is that the Kremlin has stepped up its defenses out of fear possible attacks directed against his sensitive sides.

The Shield of Moscow

Missile systems designed to intercept enemy aircraft and missiles have begun to materialize roofs from numerous building is located in the heart of Moscow. We do not know the official reason for such a decision. The Guardian wrote that Russia was preparing for a possible, albeit unlikely, attack on its capital.

The videos and photos, which have now gone viral on the internet, immortalized the anti-aircraft system on the roof of a building Scholastic Institute in the Moscow district of Taganka, 2.4 km south-east of the Kremlin, in addition to the already mentioned Pantsir at the head of the Department of Defense. photos of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 installed near the Losiny Ostrov National Park (Elk Island) and in the fields of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, also in the capital.

According to the Meduza website, an air defense system would have been positioned even 10 kilometers away Residence of the President Russian Wladimir Putin In Moscow. According to a video, the installation would have appeared around January 6 near the village of Sarechye, Odintsovo district. The author of the video explained that he discovered the presence of the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile system due to a loud noise.

The risk of escalation

By the way, pictures of missile systems in Moscow appeared the day before the meeting of Western defense officials Ramstein Air Base in Germany to agree on a new package military aid atUkraine. A package that could include delivery of heavy tanks.

What is certain is that Russian officials have issued multiple warnings ahead of the Ramstein meeting to dissuade countries Born from delivering more advanced weapons to Kyiv, arguing that they could potentially spark a nuclear conflict.

The fears of the Kremlin

Short- and medium-range systems are used to defend against aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles. The Russian military has previously said they could be used against smaller targets such as military and commercial drones, which have become ubiquitous on the battlefield. By connecting the dots, it’s possible that Russia fears an escalation surgical flashes on its own territory and that for this reason it has thought of protecting itself by strengthening its own defenses.

From Moscow, no one spoke directly about the installation of missile systems. However, several Russian media outlets have reported on the deployment of long-range S-400 missile systems in Moscow in recent weeks. The S-400 and Pantsir-S1 systems are often used together.

The “shield” of Moscow also materialized after a campaign by Russian bombing against Ukraine. The Kremlin has used missiles and drones to target Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, resulting in dozens of deaths across the country. A Russian X-22 anti-ship missile hit a residential building in the city Dnipro last week, 45 people killed. Numerous Russian bloggers argue that the appearance of missile systems in Moscow shows that the Russian military leadership is concerned about possible attacks against their cities.