Moscow is installing anti  aircraft defenses on its roofs, and the Internet is laughing    korii.

Moscow is installing anti aircraft defenses on its roofs, and the Internet is laughing korii.

A few days ago, with lots of “ifs” and conditions, we conjured up the somewhat insane hypothesis that Ukraine, tired of seeing Russian missiles fall on its innocent civilians and infrastructure, will not end up attacking and drones from will send him design to meet Moscow.

It seems the idea isn’t that imaginative judging by the preparations Moscow is making for the coming months. Therefore, on several important buildings of the Russian capital, starting with the Ministry of Defense, anti-aircraft systems made of heavy Pantsir systems were installed using huge cranes.

Ideal for displaying one’s strength, peace of mind and the often-shown certainty of being able to crush one’s humble neighbor – note, however, that for once the Russian army seems to be taking the lead.

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The images of the celestial installation of these large military trucks naturally attracted the attention of the meme factories that are part of supporting Ukraine on social networks.

More seriously, this surprise preparation by Moscow for a possible Ukrainian airstrike came in parallel with a very clear message sent by Russia’s central government on the same day.

For example, AFP reports that after an article in the New York Times, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, stated that on January 19 we reported that possible attacks on Crimea were “potentially extremely dangerous”.

“That would take the conflict to a whole new level, which of course would be very negative for global and pan-European security,” he added. The threat is clear and has been repeated so many times that at the end it is reminiscent of the fable of the child who cried wolf, perhaps more nuclear: touch Crimea or aim at Moscow and the consequences will be dramatic.