Morocco and Plastic Surgery Beware the Danger

Morocco and cosmetic surgery: beware, danger! |

We have learned The newspaper yesterday that the Bureau du Coroner du Quebec launched an investigation into the death of a 26-year-old Quebec woman, Florence McConnell, in Morocco from complications following cosmetic surgery.

Other young women have died in this country in recent years after operations in private plastic surgery clinics. Morocco has become a preferred destination for foreign women for this type of surgery. Many clinics specialize in this at unrivaled prices.

Death hidden for three days

When asked by Site Info, the mother of a 32-year-old woman questions the responsibility of the clinic where she died. She didn’t even know her daughter was going to have surgery. She claims she died due to a medical error while undergoing surgery on her thighs and buttocks. To convince her of the operation, she was shown pictures of foreign women who had undergone the same operation. His death was reportedly kept from his family for three days.

Death from liposuction can be caused by the fat released during the surgery traveling to the heart and clogging the patient’s arteries.

With the publication of this tragedy, the victim’s mother wants no one else to suffer the same fate and has sparked a public debate about cosmetic surgery in Morocco.

“Morocco, the madness of the scalpel”

The report Maroc, la folie du bistouri, broadcast on French channel TF1 on February 7, 2021, opened a debate on cosmetic surgery in Morocco, a controversial topic.

The report shocked some of the public. The channel withdrew online access to the report at the request of one of the customers interviewed, who was the subject of jeers and derogatory comments from netizens on social networks.

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