1664723998 Moreno warns against fighting all sorts of battles to defend

Moreno warns against fighting “all sorts of battles” to defend Andalusia’s fiscal autonomy

The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, during the XVI.  Provincial Congress of the PP in Seville this Sunday.The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, during the XVI. Provincial Congress of the PP in Seville this Sunday. Joaquin Corchero (Europa Press)

The central government’s decision to authorize a tax on large fortunes has put the Junta de Andalucía in a defensive position. We still have to wait for the passage of the law with the new fiscal measures announced last week by Finance Minister María Jesús Montero, but the Andalusian President Juan Manuel Moreno reiterated this Sunday that his government will “give everything possible” to the battles Defense of the community’s fiscal autonomy. The executive board reveals that the government’s proposal largely disables the decree-law approved last Wednesday by the regional parliament to reduce the wealth tax to 100%, a decision that affects only 0.2% of taxpayers, the richest only 0.6 % make up community income.

Moreno represents not only a position of Andalusia, but also that of the national PP in his race to the ultimate goal: to win the next general elections and get the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to replace Pedro Sánchez in the presidency of the government . In a sense, when Felipe González’s PSOE lost the 1996 elections, the Andalusian socialists were already doing so by taking first-person responsibility for the PP to retake the government of the nation. At that time, the board, chaired by Manuel Chaves, introduced measures to counteract the policies of José María Aznar, such as increasing non-contributory pensions or paying for medicines that are excluded from social security. Resources were submitted by the PP to the Constitutional Court. The supreme court agreed with the board.

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The Andalusian baron just won the regional elections on June 19 with an absolute majority and, according to his own statements, is content to stick to the electoral program approved by the majority of voters. “Witchcraft fulfills the agreements,” Moreno replied to the criticism that Pedro Sánchez countered this Saturday at La Toja Forum against “the witches who proclaim that money in the pockets of the citizens is better”. Both Moreno and the PP’s national coordinator and former adviser to the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, used the conclusion of the Extraordinary PP Congress in Seville to reaffirm that one thing is what Sánchez is proposing and the other, the Socialists. “Many socialists tell me that they do not agree with the sanchismo reaction,” said the Andalusian president. “Socialism is rebelling against Sanchismo,” Bendodo proclaimed, alluding to the announcement by PSOE-governed municipalities that they would cut taxes after Andalusia’s decision.

Moreno has accused the finance minister of creating insecurity among foreign residents of Andalusia by proposing to introduce a new “solidarity tax” for the wealthiest taxpayers. According to the Andalusian President, the decision of the Ministry of Finance creates uncertainty for the 100,000 foreigners who are now staying between two and six months in the municipality and who, based on information from the “cables”, have been able to establish their tax residence in the municipality.

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The President of the Board was also in La Toja before closing the Extraordinary Congresses of the PP in Malaga on Saturday and in Seville this Sunday. These conclaves assume Moreno’s absolute control over the provincial organizations. The one in Malaga marked Bendodo’s resignation from the provincial presidency after 14 years, forced by his rise as national coordinator of the PP. The people of Malaga have opted for a natural replacement – ​​the new President, Patricia Navarro, was the Secretary General –; while in Seville attempts were made to put an end to years of internal fighting.

When Moreno won the elections in Andalusia on June 19, he agreed with the leader of the PP in Seville, Virginia Pérez, to provoke an extraordinary congress. Pérez was elected in March 2021 with 93% of the votes in a congress convened against Moreno’s views and approved by the national leadership then led by Pablo Casado and Teodoro García Egea. The result, in a trial plagued by complaints of irregularities, opened a void of distrust between the national leader and the Andalusian, who made his unease clear by not attending the closing ceremony.

Juan Manuel Moreno, in the center, surrounded by Andalusian leaders at the XVI.  Provincial Congress of the Popular Party in Seville.Juan Manuel Moreno, in the center, surrounded by Andalusian leaders at the XVI. Provincial Congress of the Popular Party in Seville.

The result of the Andalusian elections has made it clear where and who sits on the command bridge and the popular Sevillians elected Ricardo Sánchez, Delegate of the Executive Committee in Seville, as the new provincial leader this Sunday with 96.4% of the votes. It remains to be seen whether historical Cainism will be diluted in this organization.

The province of Seville has always been the Achilles heel of the Andalusian PP, the ugly duckling accused by other provinces of lack of drive and contribution to the regional vote pool. Along with Huelva, it is one of the worst-performing constituencies. This situation changed in the regional elections in June, when the PP in Seville overtook the PSOE in an election campaign for the first time in 45 years. Moreno took advantage of this fact to proclaim that “nothing is impossible” and, after the fall of the junta, aimed to govern the Provincial Council of Seville, the most powerful stronghold of Sevillian socialists. The PP maintains the results of regional elections in municipalities where it does not have a single city council and where it received the most votes (as in the case of Utrera with around 50,000 inhabitants).