More than eight thousand families with houses in Paraguay       preferred

More than eight thousand families with houses in Paraguay preferred

Owner Carlos Pereira claimed that the number of homes completed during this period was the highest in the last 12 years and presented the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Habitat (MUVH) management report this Wednesday.

After indicating that 25,000 households have benefited in four years of administration, he reported that this organization’s near-term projections include the expansion of the Mi Vivienda program to modalities that involve the expansion and improvement of the same.

He mentioned several actions that will be promoted in 2022, such as the creation of the Association of Municipalities of the AsunciĆ³n Metropolitan Area to collaborate with local governments on urban planning.

Also during 2023, there are plans to restore about 76 projects started in the central department, he added.

Last December, Pereira assured that Paraguay is moving forward with the plan to build houses for families in vulnerable situations, aware that the housing needs are great.

Paraguayan lawmakers last November approved a $40 million housing bill previously approved by the Senate.

The fund decided by the two bodies extends the overall budget of the nation dedicated to the MUVH according to the current financial year, as explained by the then legislator Arnaldo Samaniego.