More than 900 apprenticeship positions are still to be filled

More than 900 apprenticeship positions are still to be filled –

(Montreal) Several weeks into the school year, 934 positions remain to be filled in the network, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Education.

Published yesterday at 7:05 p.m.


Of these, 176 are considered full-time positions and 758 are considered part-time positions. On its website, the ministry describes a position to be filled “when no person is assigned to it, regardless of their status and qualifications.”

He emphasizes that a position to be filled “does not necessarily involve a break in service, as the Education Act provides for a training requirement.”

For example, the school service center or the school authority could bring in someone to take on substitute teaching.

Remember, the toll was much higher just days before the start of the school year. Education Minister Bernard Drainville made a heartfelt appeal to retired teachers and people who might be interested in trying out the teaching experience as he had more than 8,500 apprenticeships to fill.

A few days later, on August 29, Mr. Drainville was pleased that the number of vacancies now stood at 1,829. He assured that despite the teacher shortage, there would be at least one adult in every class.