More than 72,000 people evacuated due to typhoon in Japanese city

More than 72,000 people evacuated due to typhoon in Japanese city

The prefecture of the Japanese city of Shizuoka in the south-central part of the country ordered the evacuation of more than 72,000 residents this Sunday due to the arrival of Typhoon Meari.

Authorities have reported the occurrence of landslides in areas of the Izu Peninsula in close proximity to Tokyo, with houses surrounded by mud. Another five completely isolated are counted.

Some roads in Shizuoka were flooded due to the intensity of the rains, causing problems with vehicle traffic on the roads, the suspension of the Toakido bullet train between Shizuoka and Kakegawa, and the cancellation of at least 108 local flights at Shizuoka, Hachijojima, and Hachijojima airports. led Tokyo, which has affected thousands of travelers.

The eighth typhoon of the season has also caused power outages in nearly 1,200 homes in Shizuoka’s Shimizu district. Meanwhile, another 2,000 homes in neighboring communities like Kakegawa are without power, according to the Chubu Electric Power Co.

Japanese authorities are asking citizens not to go near water sources to avoid accidents if levels suddenly rise.

The Meari atmospheric phenomenon occurred at a time when Japan celebrates the traditional Obon holiday, which is observed annually to commemorate those who have died.