Latvia the strongest prime ministers party after the election

More than 100,000 refugees landed in Italy in 2022

In Italy, the number of refugees arriving in 2022 after sea voyages across the Mediterranean has crossed the threshold of 100,000 arrivals. 105,149 people landed on Italian shores in 2022 as a whole, 56% more than the 67,477 in the same period last year, the Ministry of the Interior in Rome reported today. In 2020 there were 33,687 people.

According to him, most of the migrants who arrived in southern Italy come from Egypt (20 percent), Tunisia (18 percent), Bangladesh (14 percent), Syria (nine percent), Afghanistan (seven percent), Ivory Coast (six percent), Guinea (four percent), Pakistan (three percent) and Iran (two percent). This year, 12,687 unaccompanied minors disembarked, 10,053 in 2021 and 4,687 in 2020.

Under the new Italian government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, sworn in in October, Italy has taken a hard line on NGOs that rescue refugees. Aid organizations are accused of supporting smuggling.