1692849177 Moody weather Cold showers for the Grands Feux Loto Quebec

Moody weather: Cold showers for the Grands Feux Loto-Québec

Like many other events, the Summer of 2023 Grands Feux Loto-Québec will not be spared the whims of Mother Nature. No fewer than four of the eight performances took place in torrential rain, a first in the organization’s history.

“It’s been a complicated season,” admits Grands Feux general manager François Brunet. When it rains, it is more difficult to attract people to an outdoor activity.


Photo Le Journal de Quebec Vincent Desbiens

Director of Naval and Pyrotechnics Operations Richard Hébert said earlier this week that he had “never seen anything like it in 25 years” in the field of fireworks.

The August 8th “Quebec” theme night had to be postponed due to heavy rainfall in the Quebec region in the hours leading up to the show. This was the first cancellation in the history of the Grands Feux.


Photo Le Journal de Quebec Vincent Desbiens

“We’ve had breaks or interruptions during the show before, but never like this before,” Mr Hébert said in an interview with Le Journal.

mass effect

François Brunet says the rush is “as present as in previous years” despite the bad weather.

“Whether the weather is nice or not, people are there when the fires break out. We noticed that people arrived at our sites much later due to the rain. It spoils the atmosphere before the music show and also the sale of food and drinks in the various kiosks.


Despite everything, the managing director emphasizes that “there are a few positive aspects from this difficult year”. The music program, made up entirely of Quebec groups, is set to return next year.

“We have been using this formula for two years and it works well. Even if we don’t have the most well-known groups, they play songs that everyone knows and bring the atmosphere,” he argues.


Photo Andrée-Olivier Lyra

According to Mr. Brunet, the addition of a larger proportion of environmentally friendly pyrotechnic products did not affect the quality of the show, quite the opposite.

“It creates a brighter light environment because green products are brighter. It is certain that we will remain true to our desire to always add more.