Mont-Sainte-Anne: The mayor of Beaupré hasn’t changed his mind

Mont-Sainte-Anne: The mayor of Beaupré hasn’t changed his mind

Despite an unfavorable poll and harsh comments from Premier Legault, the Mayor of Beaupré still believes the Quebec government needs to invest in partnership with RCR, the current manager of Mont-Sainte-Anne.

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Pierre Renaud has not changed his mind. According to him, an agreement with the unloved operator is the best solution for the region suffering from the ongoing situation.

“Yes, the government needs to invest in RCR. It’s not just a mountain. It is an extremely fragile tourism industry. We have to stop demonizing RCR. It is the government that is currently holding back the money,” Mayor Renaud repeated on the sidelines of a city council meeting on Monday evening.

waste of time

According to a Léger poll, as many as 81% of Greater Québec City residents say they support action by the Québec government to force a managerial change at Mont-Sainte-Anne.

A month after Quebec was asked to agree on a reinvestment plan with Alberta manager RCR as soon as possible, Mr. Renaud remains entrenched in his position. An attempted expropriation remains a useless waste of energy to an owner who doesn’t want to leave.

“If the government wanted to kick her out, it would have done it years ago. You don’t have pogne. It is not such a mountain operator. The Massif de Charlevoix has not been a positive experience so far,” added the mayor, who will meet Jonatan Julien, the minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region, in the coming days.

Mont-Sainte-Anne: The mayor of Beaupré has not changed his mind

Photo by Jean Francois Racine

For his part, the president of the Friends of Mont-Sainte-Anne, Yvon Charest, has to meet the minister in about two weeks.

The Mayor of Beaupré is also not afraid to shut down the ski resort for good by opting for the status quo. “I’m not that afraid. No way. »

Just before Christmas, following the collapse of a cable car, Prime Minister François Legault seemed unwilling to give the company a grant to modernize its facilities.

The biggest playground

“We’re not there at all,” said Mr. Legault about a possible $50 million subsidy to the operator. “I find it scary what happened. There is an enormous backlog in the equipment of Mont-Sainte-Anne. The operator has not shown in recent years that he can properly manage Mont-Sainte-Anne. »

Pierre Renaud believes elected officials must persuade the prime minister to back down. “It’s our job to get him to change that idea. »

In front of some citizens, the mayor praised a gem that many considered endangered. “Mont-Sainte-Anne Park is the largest playground in the Quebec region. That’s what people come for. »