Monsignor David Macaire Prefect Jean Christophe Bouvier and Veronique Martine

Monsignor David Macaire, Prefect Jean Christophe Bouvier and Véronique Martine, promoted to the rank of Chevalie

The traditional promotion of the Legion of Honor on January 1st honors personalities from our regions every year. 340 people were honored in the new civilian promotion published in the Official Gazette this morning, including some from Martinique.

context of these annual promotions

Those involved may be famous or unknown to the general public, but are honored in the various degrees provided by the promotion.

From Knight to Grand Cross, including Officers and Commanders of the Legion of Honour, they conform to profiles that highlight their merits earned in any field of activity, be it public service, business, social or healthcare, sciences, arts or even sports .

at rank of knightthe first in the order of recognition, there are 280 appointed this year in France, and among them the prefect currently in office in Martinique: Jean-Christophe Bouvier, for his 22 years of service in the French administration, including several years abroad.

Same nomination for Veronique Martine, the current deputy director of the Regional Directorate for Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity in Martinique. A position she has held since April 2021, but it is those 41 years of service that are highlighted.

Award also for Monsignor David Macaire, Archbishop of Saint-Pierre and Fort-de-France, but also as founding President in 2017 of the ICéA, the European Catholic Institute of the Americas.

These awards are primarily honorary. They have been part of the nation’s history for a little over two centuries.

They are not demanded but obtained through the mediation of a third party who proposes that the state honor a citizen.

Each year there are nearly 2,500 civilian or military recipients of the various Legion of Honor promotions.