Monkeypox man travels by subway    photo goes viral

Monkeypox man travels by subway photo goes viral

A photo from Madrid has been widely shared and commented on since Saturday: it shows a man infected with smallpox on the subway.

Photo of a Spanish doctor goes viral: Arturo Henriques photographed a man infected with chickenpox in the Madrid metro. The passenger was traveling in shorts, the doctor noted that the disease is at the peak of contagion. “He’s covered in pustules from head to toe, including his hands. People around him act like nothing is happening.” The doctor is now posting the July 15th photo to raise awareness on social media of the danger of the viral illness.

Henriques describes his experience on Twitter: He approached the man and asked him about the situation. “I asked him what he did on the subway if he had smallpox. His response: ‘My doctor didn’t tell me I had to stay home. I should just wear a mask.’

Family doctor no longer understands the world

Henriques is stunned. He draws the patient’s attention to the fact that “this is where the injuries he has on his body are most contagious. I explained to him that I am a doctor and that he may have misunderstood his doctors’ instructions.” The man on the subway was irritated. He told Henriques to kindly leave him alone.

Somewhat desperately, the doctor turned to the woman who was sitting in front of the patient. He asked if she wasn’t worried about getting chickenpox. His answer worries Henriques even more: “How can I get sick if I’m not gay?”

The doctor gave up fighting at that moment. “How many people did this man infect? ​​I have no idea. He’s a bricklayer, heterosexual, between 40 and 50 years old.” Arturo Henriques realizes how dangerous public transport is. “Since that incident, I’ve stopped sitting on the subway and trying not to touch anything.”

Two deaths in Spain

In recent days, deaths in Europe following a monkeypox infection were known for the first time. Two men died in Spain on Friday and Saturday. The two patients had been admitted to hospitals in the Valencia and Andalusia regions with encephalitis.

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Spain is one of the countries hardest hit by smallpox. With about 4,300 cases registered, there have been about 120 hospital admissions, the Ministry of Health said. Experts called for more and better measures to contain the spread of the disease.

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