Monique Evans shows the result of a new facial harmonization

Monique Evans shows the result of a new facial harmonization live on TV: “Mega Feliz”; regard!

Monique Evans shows off the result of a new face pairing: ‘Mega happy’; regard! (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

New look! After Stênio Garcia, it was Monique Evans’ turn to reveal the result of the aesthetic procedures she underwent on the show “Fofocalizando”. This Friday (21), the 66yearold model showed how her face has evolved after the procedures to rejuvenate her appearance.

Initially, the presenters of the SBT attraction made suspense to show the result, but Evans has already spelled out how he feels about the change. “Very happy,” she explained. Chris Flores took the opportunity to give a speech on the empowerment of women. “I’m really happy to have Monique here because like you said she’s an icon. She’s always been a woman who always had to deal with all the bad guys in her life,” she began.

“There are women who choose not to do anything and that’s fine with them, but some women want to have treatment to make themselves feel better, to look in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, I feel happier and more confident to move on with my life.'” We have to respect everyone’s taste. Monique as an icon of beauty, the youth she had and we know youth passes but there is a youth that stays within us, the youth of the soul and Monique has always had that,” he added.

The model also said that the procedure made her decide not to have any surgery. “I’ve been thinking about plastic surgery this year and with that he put it out of my mind and put that freshness back into me. It seems that now we woke up and slept well. It wasn’t forced and I was very happy,” he said. Check out the before and after below:

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Check out the end result of MONIQUE EVANS!

It’s a muse, isn’t it??? BEAUTIFUL 💜#FofocalizandoNoSBT

— Fofocalizando (@pfofocalizando) July 21, 2023

However, this isn’t Evans’ first surgery this year. At the end of June, the model shared a video with her followers about the before and after of the first phase of her face harmonization. In the caption, she described the procedures used and celebrated the change.

According to the actress, the intervention was discreet. “We immediately did the tempora lift, a collagen biostimulator and just a couple of points of hyaluronic acid. No exaggeration and no loss of identity!” he wrote in the publication. Watch the video:

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In view of the popularization of the procedure, Bárbara Evans’ mother also took the opportunity to warn her supporters. “Facial harmonization is treatment, not instantaneous! Facial harmonization is about bringing naturalness, emphasizing what the patient likes best and/or improving what bothers them so much. But above all, with caution, responsibility and common sense,” she mused. And finished the text with a jubilation: “I am shocked by the result and very happy.”