Monaco Summit, Sanna Marin: "For Finland joining NATO is an act of peace, we haven’t changed our mind"


There Finnish Prime Minister Sanna MarinIn the Munich Security Conference, clarifies that “for my country, joining NATO is an act of peace. We haven’t changed our mind. We want to be part of NATO together with Sweden.” And he adds that “Helsinki and Stockholm have sent a clear message to Hungary and Turkey with this intention”.

“Since the beginning of the war, our affiliation with NATO has been obvious” Marin continues that when the war in Ukraine started a year ago, it became clear that Finland would join NATO since “we border on Russia”. “The security of our country – he explains – is a priority. Finland has always invested heavily in defense. We already have 2% of GDP and we intend to increase investment to be ready.”

“No to Putin’s imperialist war” “What we must do – continues the Finnish Prime Minister – is to make it clear that we will never accept an imperialist war and that we will not accept President Putin trampling on international law. We must apply pressure to ensure that Russia’s imperialist goals fail and Ukraine wins.”

Stoltenberg: “Sweden and Finland as soon as possible in NATO” Regarding the two Baltic states, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg emphasizes: “Sweden and Finland are ready to ratify their accession to the alliance and I urge that this step be completed. The two countries must join the alliance as soon as possible. I am working on their being members of NATO in Vilnius (where the next meeting of NATO heads of state and government will take place on July 11-12). The alliance’s number one also reiterated the need to overcome resistance from Turkey and Hungary.

“I kept dancing” Sanna Marin also explains that she danced “even after” the release of her private video showing her dancing during a party with friends. The affair had sparked heated controversy in Finland about the effectiveness and seriousness of the country’s head of government, with great international resonance. “I continued to dance afterwards,” emphasized Marin in his speech at the Munich conference.