Mom left her baby in the nursery and they gave birth dead: ‘I left her alive and well’

Mom left her baby in the nursery and they gave birth dead: ‘I left her alive and well’

A little girl who arrived at her daycare center as if she were a normal day, mysteriously died in a hospital after school staff found her unconscious. The incident happened at the Step by Step Center in New Jersey, USA.

It was on Tuesday, June 7th, that the mother took the baby to the crib at 7:05 in the morning, as she did every day. The movements of the minor were recorded in real time in the facility’s surveillance cameras application. Because of this, the family determined that he was alive until 2:35 p.m. when they changed his diaper.

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The mother of the minors told news channel UnivisiĆ³n that it was 3pm when a kindergarten teacher called to update her on her daughter’s condition. He reported that the girl was unconscious and so they transferred her to a nearby health center where she would eventually die.

What happened to the records?

The family’s attorney, Frank Leddy, told the press that some of the videos from the minor’s death anniversary had been deleted from the platform. Furthermore, he stressed that the staff’s versions had changed as it was denied that the minor woke up from her nap in the afternoon when the records showed otherwise.

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“I spoke to the lead detective and explained to him what was wrong with the app, the videos are missing, and asked him to let his office go and confiscate the cameras… go and keep that gear, put it.” sure the original video didn’t disappear when it disappeared from the app,” the defense demanded.