1664701463 Molly as Carolina quotdriven to suicide by online contentquot

Molly as Carolina, "driven to suicide by online content" | The father of the 14 year old from Novara: "Raising the age limit for social media"

Like Molly, Carolina killed herself when she was only 14 years old. Some youths had posted a video imitating sexual acts on their bodies; She had been attacked after drinking too much. As the video began to circulate, the young woman came

denigrated with thousands of messages

and eventually took his own life. The father, Paolo Picchio, wanted to set up a foundation in memory of his daughter and is fighting to ensure that similar tragedies do not happen again. “Like Ian, Molly’s father, I’m not going to stop until things really change,” he tells La Stampa.

Molly as Carolina quotdriven to suicide by online contentquot

1664701459 938 Molly as Carolina quotdriven to suicide by online contentquot

“Today, the presence of children and young people in social networks is an absurd risk that we can no longer afford. We have too many from Carolina. We have to transfer the concept of sustainability to the digital world as well,” he emphasizes and calls for the age limits for social networks to be raised. “Children under the age of 16 do not have the education and awareness to overcome certain oppressions on their own. The adults would ignore it while for them it is a tragedy: they feel ashamed and eventually withdraw into themselves. L’

digital education

today it is increasingly about the mental health of our youth”.

“Families – he says – have an enormous responsibility. First of all, that’s what it’s all about

lead by example

: Parents cannot expect attention from their children if they are the first at the table not to let go of their smartphone. You cannot even leave a phone in the hands of a child and think that he will put it to good use, even if he only uses it in his bedroom.