Miss Universe The moving story behind the Miss Thailand dress

Miss Universe: The moving story behind the Miss Thailand dress

Posted in CELEBRITIES on 2023-01-13 17:37

The precursor to the 71st edition of miss universe already completed and the representative of Thailand, Anna Sueangam-iammoved the whole world with the story of meaning of her evening dress, what was done with Recycled material.

It should be noted that after the parade of the Thais in the preliminary round Anna became a trend on social networksin addition to earning affection and positioning yourself as one of the favorites to win the Beauty contest.

Why did Miss Thailand become a trend?

The representative of Thailand appeared in a suit made of can rings, which pays homage to her parents, as the father has embraced the trade garbage collector Y his mother was a street sweeperthat’s what it was called “Queen of Garbage”a situation that prevented him from realizing his dream of representing his country.

Though some have dubbed her the “beauty queen of trash,” that never stops her from shining like a precious jewel.‘ wrote Miss Thailand’s official account on her social media account.

The “Queen of Garbage” can be taken as an inspiration example, because in her childhood she could hardly play with other children, her parents went to collect garbage at 3 a.m. and only came back in the afternoon; She was teased at school because of her family’s work, but there was no lack of love, as her great-grandmother, a Buddhist, He spent time with her and the monks who did not hesitate to support her.

Anna studied hotel management at Kasetart University and last year she was named her country’s most beautiful woman, leaving behind an admirable personal story.