Miss Universe The Dangerous Diet RBonney Nola Gabriel Followed to

Miss Universe: The Dangerous Diet R’Bonney Nola Gabriel Followed to Win the Crown

The galaxy has its new one miss universe for 11 days and since then, criticism and controversy on social networks have been constant. Filipino-American model and businesswoman R’Bonney Nola Gabriel (28) was crowned at the 71st edition of the world event in New Orleans (USA).

However, beyond the incessant criticism of R’Bonney Nola Gabriel and his choice of what has garnered the most talk in recent weeks has been the strict, rigorous and controversial diet, followed by the brand new one miss universe during the last 2 years. And it was she herself who detailed it, pausing at the sacrifice of being able to follow it.

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Miss Universe: The Dangerous Diet by R’Bonney Nola Gabriel. Source: Instagram @rbonneynola

The disciplined and dangerous diet followed by Miss Universe 2022

Among the main criticisms of the choice of R’Bonney Nola Gabriel and the latest edition of miss universe, one of the most common has to do with the American not earning the crown. Her critics even claim that she was awarded because she was the hostess and a local during the gala.

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Miss Universe: The Dangerous Diet by R’Bonney Nola Gabriel. Source: Instagram @rbonneynola

Interview with Fpx News, R’Bonney Nola Gabriel referred to the controversy surrounding his coronation and the entire celebration of the miss universe. And it was she who detailed how sacrificed her diet has been over the past 24 months to stay in shape and look her best at the celebration gala.

“I must have eaten the same thing for the last two years. Every morning I eat oatmeal and two eggs. And then there’s shrimp and green beans at lunchtime. Afterwards, as a snack in between. There are rice cakes; I always have rice cakes in my bag or in my car. Dinner consists of salmon and vegetables. I stick to that almost every day, even when I was out somewhere, planning meals and taking a large cool box on the plane,” he explained miss universe 2022, R’Bonney Nola Gabrielwho is also a former volleyball player.

Beyond the discomfort of criticism—especially when it’s so constant— R’Bonney Nola Gabriel emphasized that she has gotten used to controversy and is very grateful that she has become so miss universe.