Miss Universe According to Tito Caceres Hugo Garcia would have

Miss Universe: According to Tito Cáceres, Hugo García would have “distracted” Alessia during the competition.

Updated on 2023-01-21 19:51 m.

The publicist Tito Cáceres was interviewed in the program “Amor y Fuego” by Gigi Mitre and Rodrigo González “Peluchín”, where he spoke about the performance of Alessia Rovegno in the recent issue of Miss Universe 2022.

Cáceres surprised everyone after accusing Hugo García, a partner of the former candidate for the crown, of distracting Bárbara Cayo’s daughter during her preparation process.

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“I’ll be a little mean, but I think the lover took a lot of time. She kept up and down with the boy (by Hugo García)”pointed out Cáceres for the Willax TV cameras.

He added that a Miss Universe contestant needs time and space to focus on the competition because the pressures of the couple don’t add up.

It is worth remembering that Alessia Rovegno was among the top 16 of Miss Universe 2022 but failed to place among the top 5 contestants from around the world.


Romy Chang