Mirko Brunetti Perla Vatiero and their first days together Big

Mirko Brunetti, Perla Vatiero and their first days together Big Brother 2023 | Girlfriend Big Brother

The arrival of pearl seems to have already put a strain not only on the balance of the House, but above all on the composure of Parliament Mirko. In fact, the tenant suddenly started living with his ex-girlfriend, which inevitably led to him worrying about Greta on the one hand, but also questioning many things on the other.

After showing a summary clip, Alfonso tries to take stock of the situation. The moderator explains that although the two no longer have a love story, a special complicity was certainly missing: “Your complicity consists of looks and smiles,” he exclaims, referring to the staring games observed today.

Mirko explains that returning to Perla made him remember their long-term life together and relive certain emotions from the past: “I know her every move,” he exclaims, thereby affirming the complicity that exists between them, but adds: “It’s not easy.”

“We are accomplices, we understand each other at a glance,” replies the girl. Perla also states that – although there is still a lot of complicity between them – today she is sure that their relationship cannot continue as they would end up hurting themselves again: “It may be that I am still in “I’m in love with him, but that’s not the case,” she explains, adding: “Each of us had to take control of our lives again.”

After clarifying what both of their feelings are, Alfonso shifts the conversation to another topic. The host says that while Perla seems to have caught Giuseppe’s attention on the one hand, Mirko also appears to have gotten the attention of another tenant: Angelica.

In fact, the closeness between the two does not seem to have gone unnoticed by the tenants, who have not shied away from making comments towards the girl in recent days.

Ready to justify herself, Angelica explains that she was attracted to the boy because she had developed a special relationship with him: “There is an affinity, I will not deny it. But the thing doesn’t go any further. In addition, the girl admits that she entered into a relationship with Perla not to keep the situation under control, but only because she found in her a great adventure companion.

Mirko agrees with her and exclaims: “There is a beautiful affinity, but I have never seen any malice in it.”

Before the conversation ends, Alfonso tells Mirko that Greta has not decided to remain silent this time either and has expressed her annoyance towards Mirko in a post.

Stunned by what happened, the competitor doesn’t seem to want to answer and says: “I’ll also go into press silence.” However, Perla is ready to defend Mirko and comes to the conclusion: “I don’t think Mirko should be nice to me. “