Miriam Leone wet Miss Top heavenly view Juve Dependence

Miriam Leone, wet Miss Top: heavenly view Juve Dependence

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  • actress of singular rather than rare beauty; Miriam Leone knows exactly how to freak her fans out.

    Miriam Leone, we know very well that she is one of the most famous and popular actresses (besides being a woman of immense beauty); Her notoriety prompts her to be a role model for her fans. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to mention the invitation addressed to his followers, in which he emphasizes the importance of accepting his mistakes and using filters Instagram (famous for allowing people to change their appearance) just for fun and without becoming a slave to it. Miriam LeoneInstagram

    As for the sentimental speech, we must mention the beautiful love story Miriam Leone lives with Paulo Carullo; The two have been married for just over a year and to mark their first anniversary, the actress has decided to publish Instagram from unpublished photos. gesture to celebrate the most important day of his life; We must also remember how, after the wedding, the couple decided to spend their honeymoon in the beautiful panorama of Maldives.

    From a work point of view, we have to mention some experiences Miriam Leone Starting from his debut came thanks to the film “Parents and Children – Shake well before use“. Always on the cinematic level we must mention “diabolical“Where she plays the beauty Eve Kant And “i run to you“, A comedy about disability. He had the honor and good fortune to play in this film Pierfrancesco Favino.

    Not just the movies; Miriam LeoneIn fact, we also remember it at the level of television series and from this point of view we must remember the last season of “police district“(Number Eleven) and the Trilogy”1992-1993-1994“. In conclusion, it is worth recalling how she became an ambassador for Bulgari Italy.

    Miriam Leone, everyone looks at her: irresistible

    When we see this photo, that Miriam Leone posted on his profile Instagram, we realize how much the actress is a woman of incredible beauty and overwhelming charm. Only a hint of a smile, a hypnotic gaze and an amazing body that has people on the internet freaking out. Miriam LeoneInstagram

    As already mentioned, Miriam Leone She is a well-known woman in the entertainment world due to a number of very important experiences (cinematic and fictional level). We talked about it Instagram; Well, if we go to her profile, we find out how the actress is followed by over a million and a half followers.