Miriam Leone: “Now I live in color”.  And seduces with the forbidden crop top

Miriam Leone: “Now I live in color”. And seduces with the forbidden crop top

Miriam Leone, or the chronicle of a holiday full of joy and light-heartedness. The actress spends her time dream summer, dive into the blue waters of the Mediterranean and take a few moments to reflect. Because while vacations allow us to unwind and rejuvenate after a hard (but rewarding) year of work, they’re also a chance to take stock. And for Miriam The greatest achievement is finally living in colorradiant and free like the crop top she’s wearing in the latest Instagram post.

Miriam Leone, a hymn to her summer in color

If there’s one quality we need to recognize in Miriam Leone, it’s the ability to convey his feelings, with an unusual openness and spontaneity. She does it every time she shares a shot by the sea, encasing her body in a bikini and diving into the blue Mediterranean waters, or when she looks more elegant, ready for a party or social event. It takes very little for Miriam to be lovedeven if, after so many months of growing up, she’s proudly showing off her new haircut or taking a makeup-free selfie just “to see how it works.”

Now this adorable girl next door is having a golden moment, and not just because of professional success or public acclaim. For the actress 2021 was the year of the “big step”, whom she saw beaming at the altar to marry her beloved Paolo Carullo, the man with whom she decided to share her life. And 2022 is no less, the year of rebirth and consciousnessthe beginning of a new chapter that we are sure you will enjoy.

And when he writes on Instagram in support of a summer photo “I gave up black or white to live in color”, in this simple sentence is the essence of it all. It is a hymn to summer, to life and love: “Gratitude and respect for all this beauty, for the stillness, for the sighs, for the smiles, for the contemplation, for the dives and for the caresses, the bathing suit taken off to dry , the slow pace and the accelerated heartbeat, the iced coffee and the walks, the new friends, the sun, the wind, the salt on your lips, the gifts and my love that makes me discover new places. Oh yeah, fries too. I love summer 🧡”.

Miriam Leone seduces with the orange crop top

Grateful for what life gives her every day. For every moment she spends with her husband Paolo, her family and her old and new friends. And in addition to the simplicity, but also the power of her words, a photo of the actress flashes in which the dominant color is orangethe symbol of summer par excellence.

He wears it with his usual naturalness and with that pinch of courage which emphasizes her irrepressible femininity. In the background green and lush leaves and in the foreground she, Miriam Leone with her Forbidden knitted crop top (very trendy this summer), which reveals the forms of the décolleté without resorting to banal vulgarity. Peaked hat, aviator goggles and off you go: Miriam is ready to keep having some fantastic fun Summer in colour.