Miriam Candurro from the set of A Place in the

Miriam Candurro from the set of “A Place in the Sun” to the second book: “I’m an actress and a writer, the method is the same” del Mezzogiorno

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Noon, January 24, 2023 – 12:32

The well-known TV face: «My day is very intense, I divide myself between work and children. But I have a man next to me who respects me and with whom we share all family responsibilities.”

by Vincent Alfano

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She sees herself as a happy woman: “I have a companion who goes with me. With us there is no one who lags a step behind. We walk side by side.” Miriam Candurro, Neapolitan, graduate classic, is one of the most famous faces on television. For about ten years in the team of “Un posto al sole” she played the role of Serena Cirillo in various television series of “Don ‘t tell my boss” to “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone” Miriam is not only an actress, but also a writer in her second book “The Seventh Room” (Sperling & Kupfer), a tender and engaging Bildungsroman.

What is the seventh stanza?

«It’s the place of second chances, of missed opportunities, of what would have happened if… Giovanni returned to his homeland after twenty years. A flight separated him from his affections. He needs to sell the family hotel but these are the days of the pandemic when travel outside the region is banned. So he stays in the place that nails him to his past».

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How did the idea for the novel come about?

“I wanted to tell two stories: an unfulfilled love and a denied childhood. At first I thought the two stories were separate, but as I wrote them in parallel I realized they were two voices of the same story. It was hard to think of a reason that prevented Giovanni from walking again, but the lockdown has helped me tell that story more realistically.”

Does Miriam feel more like an actress or more like a writer?

«Definitely the first actress. Also out of honesty towards my main job. I believe that the two activities are closely linked through the same genesis process. My method is identical: I immerse myself in the life and emotions of another person. When I play, I bring them out through my body, my voice, my gaze. When I write, I put those emotions into words.”

In his way of handling the novel’s plot, I seemed to sense a certain familiarity with the mechanics of fiction.

“There is definitely a legacy in what I do every day. I couldn’t have said it any other way. I can say that like the reader, I was enthralled by the characters and reveled in their choices, which at times were even different than I imagined.”

The novel deals with the highly topical issue of gender-based violence.

“It’s something that touches me a lot. I know I was born in the right part of the world while in other countries women are denied basic rights. After all, it’s a question of birth, latitude, culture, religion. All of these wonderful women who, at this historic moment, are defying the laws and opposing cultures to assert their personality are truly heroines who must be supported in every way.”

Is it harder for a woman to break into the entertainment world?

“I’m afraid so. There are still many difficulties. My day is very intense, I split between the set and family, giving priority to my kids. However, I am accompanied by a man who respects me and with whom we share all family responsibilities. Women after the age of 40 are rarely hired for leading roles. However, in recent years we have made some breakthroughs.

What are your future projects?

“I have just finished filming the film Trentatré, a very interesting first feature film by Campanian director Lorenzo Cammisa, which examines the uneasiness of those living in the provinces who have legitimate affirmation ambitions, often denied by a limiting context. “

Meanwhile, he continues his adventure in A place in the sun.

«A place in the sun is an Italian excellence. A series that broke all records. For me it is an opportunity for great professional development. I also feel very fortunate because it is a daily appointment that allows me to work every day.

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January 24, 2023 | 12:32