Mirella vents and reveals her status after rumors she left

Mirella vents and reveals her status after rumors she left party with ex Dynho Alves; Come and see!

A little over six months after the end of their marriage, MC Mirella and Dynho Alves first met in the early hours of last Thursday (19) during MC Gui’s birthday party. This Sunday (22), journalist Leo Dias, columnist for Metrópoles, revealed that the excouple would have gone with the party.

According to sources revealed to the site, Mirella and Dynho would have been cordial to each other during the celebration. Surrounded by mutual friends, they did not ignore each other and, on the contrary, would have avoided the distance. All of this culminated in the attitude at the end of the party when the two should have left together.

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The journalist claims that both have disappeared from social networks and only appeared in the late afternoon of that day. However, according to Dynho, his disappearance from the internet would have been due solely to the exaggeration in the drink. The exfarmer of “A Fazenda 13” also denied the reunion. “Actually, I didn’t find her. I only saw her at the party but I didn’t find her, no,” he said.

Wanted to be over this Sunday (22). hugogloss.com, Mirella and Dynho have not returned contact regarding the matter.

Mirella vents on social media

After releasing some of this information from the journalist, Mirella made an outburst on social media. “What a bummer I swear I’m in front and people want me to back it’s really very annoying,” Funkeira wrote on Twitter.

What a bummer I swear I’m in front people want me to retire it’s really annoying.

— Mirella (@mirellasierra_) May 21, 2022

Later in the day, Mirella reiterated that she is single and expressed concern that a “scheme” of hers could be compromised. “So wanna shit my plan just can’t,” he wrote. “Or someone will come into reality, of the two, one,” she added, who also explained, “I’m still single, ok?”.

So you want to fuck my scheme, you can

— Mirella (@mirellasierra_) May 22, 2022

or someone will enter a reality, either

— Mirella (@mirellasierra_) May 22, 2022

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I’m still single, okay?

— Mirella (@mirellasierra_) May 22, 2022

Mirella announced her divorce from Dynho Alves while her thenhusband was still locked away at A Fazenda. The Funkeira was disgusted by some of the dancer’s behavior, most notably his approach to sthe matos during the program. Given the situation, the MC preferred to start the process immediately, put an end to the story and get away from the boy.