Mirella Santos cries as she vents after being criticized for

Mirella Santos cries as she vents after being criticized for joining Recife: "If you judge me best…


Netizens have criticized the influencer for distancing herself from MC Loma and Mariely Santos

By Julia Beraldi

01/28/2023 15:25 BRT

01/28/2023 15:25 BRT

Photo: Instagram/Mirella SantosPhoto: Instagram/Mirella Santos

Mirella Santos became known in the celebrity world after appearing together with the twin Mariely Santos and with the friend MC Loma. The three were successful at recording videos together, but Mirella decided to move from São Paulo to Recife. That decision didn’t go down well with some fans, who criticized the digital influencer who caused an outburst this Saturday afternoon (28).

During the testimony, the famous was emotional and cried. She said she moved in search of happiness and will continue to keep in touch with her Paloma and Mariely: “Damn old man, I came to seek my happiness, to be happy, which is what I always wanted. And people keep judging me for stupid things. Let me tell you: I really love living here [em Recife]. I planned this before this internet explosion. And I love it here, my people. I don’t like living in São Paulo. And the girls [Loma e Mariely] Dear Sao Paulo. So it’s very difficult because I love being with them, but I really love living here. Here is my dream and it was very planned. But we will visit each other, I will go there, they will come here,” he explained.

The dancer also revealed that she enjoys posting on social media but has avoided it because of the criticism: “Before I had a lot of followers, Instagram was my sanctuary. I loved being here with you guys. I came to seek my happiness where I always wanted it. It has nothing to do with that. I had the courage to come and live my life. The bad thing about people is getting attached to little things,” he lamented.

Mirella continued the outburst, “I love the girls and we’re talking. But not everything is filmed. What should be my sanctuary is getting boring. I can’t do what people want, I have to do what I want. I’ve never had much in my life. I’ve always had few friends, few things. Oh how angry. This is me. Deep down, a lot happens in our lives,” he concluded.