Minister Roberge is concerned about the decline of the French

Minister Roberge is concerned about the decline of the French

Quebec French Language Minister Jean-François Roberge says he is concerned about the situation of French in Montreal and is calling on all Quebecers to take responsibility amid the decline in the use of French in public spaces. Even if that means a complaint, he says.

“All Montrealers, regardless of their origins, must be able to live and work in French,” he said. We all have a duty to set an example by speaking it as often as possible, but also a duty to demand that we be served in French when this is not the case.”

The latter was responding to the Journal’s revelations about the weak presence of French in the labeling of products sold at Supermarché T&T, a chain of Asian grocery stores owned by the Loblaws Group. In response to the complaints received, the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) is currently conducting its investigation.

Minister Roberge recognizes that if some people are unfamiliar with the law, others may choose not to comply with it. Faced with such a situation, he calls on citizens who feel offended to politely report it to the person in charge and to file a complaint with the OQLF if the problem persists.

While in Montreal, the Minister yesterday announced financial support from the City of Montreal of $1,500,000 over three years for its project to enhance and promote the French language in the Montreal community through activities in the fields of sport , economy and culture.

“It is certain that we might be dissatisfied if we take the photo today. “I think we need to be very clear before we move forward,” he said. But things will change [à ce propos]. Tectonic plates move. And that gives me courage.”