Mined drug trafficking in two towns on the island    Clicanoo

Mined drug trafficking in two towns on the island Clicanoo

As of September 2021, investigators from the research department and community of the Saint Joseph Brigades have identified and located an individual offering cannabis weed and resin for sale on social media.
The latter has been offering these sales through a public group since 2017. As an appendix to these announcements, he posts photos and prices corresponding to the narcotics sold.

In 2022, the public group will be deleted, but another one will be created offering the same services. The previously identified person uses the same process for his ads: photos and prices of cannabis resin at €1,400 and €1,500 “the potato”; €2,500 for both.

A legal operation will be carried out in July 2022 with the support of the PSIG Saintt-Pierre. The identified human trafficker is arrested, the search leads to the discovery and confiscation of narcotics, mobile phones, cigarette paper and packaging bags.

The defendant has admitted to drug trafficking since 2017, which would bring him around 1,000 euros a month. The identification of his supplier is carried out quickly. The latter was arrested in turn, after which investigators seized 1,475 euros, narcotics and 3 telephones from his home.

Consumers were also surveyed. Three were warned and one summoned to appear in court.

On July 27, 2022, the two accused were expelled. Charged if charged immediately, they were sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, including 10 months imprisonment with adjustment.

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