Minecraft Legends is coming to console and PC on April

Minecraft Legends is coming to console and PC on April 18th! – junior geek – – junior geek

Minecraft Legends will therefore be on the main consoles and PCs. After Minecraft Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons, this new action strategy game. It’s up to you to lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the surface against the destructive Piglins.

We begin in a familiar but mysterious world teeming with many life forms, lush and resource-rich biomes. But this paradise is about to be destroyed. The Piglins have arrived and threaten to corrupt the surface. We have to fight, but we also have to show strategy. It will also be necessary to know how to communicate and cooperate to get out of it.

Remember that Minecraft Legends is a spin-off that follows the story of the overworld against the invasion of ravenous pigs called Piglins. The player vs. player mode features four vs. four battles. The goal is to build and defend your village while destroying the enemy base.

In addition to a standard edition, Minecraft Legends is entitled to a deluxe edition that includes an exclusive skin pack (6 additional in-game skins: 1 hero, 4 mounts, and an additional mount skin if available).