Milly Carlucci the sad divorce with her husband Unfortunately it

Milly Carlucci, the sad divorce with her husband: Unfortunately, it really happened | The truth is very serious ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Milly-Carlucci-divorce-Lineadiretta24Angelo Donati and Milly Carlucci – Lineadiretta24

Milly Carlucci married Angelo Donati in 1985 and experienced a truly sad moment in her life. In fact, the divorce from her husband was announced. What happened is very serious, let’s look at it together

Milly Carlucci He has had a very interesting professional development within the Rai network; In fact, she has grown from a minor character within the programs to a successful presenter of one of the most popular shows on public television: dance with the stars.

He made his television debut at a young age. thanks to Renzo Arbore on the historical program “The other Sunday”. Thanks to her beauty, she won many competitions, and then worked as a model for a while.

The success it arrived with the transfer to Mediaset and running some very popular programs like “I Telegatti”, “Luna Park” and “Giochi senza frontiere”.

However, Ready for television takes place with “Dancing with the Stars”. which has achieved record results over the course of the editions.

Milly Carlucci’s Divorce: Here’s What Really Happened Between Her And Her Husband

Milly Carlucci got married a long time ago, 1985, with Angelo Donati. The man does not belong to the entertainment world. In fact, he holds a prominent professional position as an engineer. The two couldn’t be more different: she is dreamer and sentimental, he is practical and rational. However, their romance is long lasting and they also had two children – Angela Krystle and Patrick.

Milly-Carlucci-divorce-Lineadiretta24Angelo Donati and Milly Carlucci – Lineadiretta24

Just because man does not belong to the Italian star systemThe couple has always lived their love with discretion, trying to stay away from the limelight. In fact, we always hear very little about Milly Carlucci’s personal life. Like all couples, they have had their ups and downs. The presenter revealed the secret of their love: “We have always been accomplices and confident in our relationship. It will be that when we met we were already adults, each with our own stories and experiences behind us and with a strong sense of family inherited from their respective parents“.

However, something very serious happened that eroded her composure. Milly Carlucci said: “She claimed I had decided to make beauty creams and my husband didn’t approve. At the end of the article was the coupon for ordering the cream. A nice scam that we reported to the postal police“. So fake divorce news spread by a company just to sell a few more products. For real a very sad story.

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