1674430158 Millionaires 0 0 LDU Quito Ambassador Night LIVE Follow the game

Millionaires 0-0 LDU Quito, Ambassador Night LIVE: Follow the game minute by minute

Millionaires 0 0 LDU Quito Ambassador Night LIVE Follow the game

Millionaires vs. LDU Quito They play LIVE this Sunday, January 22nd from 5:30pm (Peruvian time) for the Ambassador Night 2023. This duel will be held in the Campín de Bogotá and will be broadcast by the Millonarios TV signal. In addition, you can follow all the incidents of this game on the La República Deportes website.

The Colombian team will present their squad for the 2023 season ahead of the start of the BetPlay League. However, the Ecuadorian team will try to surprise as a visitor.

Millionaires vs. LDU Quito: Match Report

BrokenMillionaires vs. LDU Quito
when do they playSunday January 22nd
What time do they play?5.30 p.m
Which channel is broadcast?Millionaires Watch TV
where do you playEl Campin Stadium

Millionaires vs. LDU Quito: possible alignments

  • millionaires: Hunter; Bertel, Llinás, Vargas, Perlaza; Pereira, Giraldo; Silva, Catano, Ruiz; LC Ruiz.
  • LDU Quito: Dominguez; Ade, Mina, Rosemary, Ramirez; Piovi, Luna, Maple, Gonzalez; Alvarado, Angle.

When do Millionaires vs. LDU Quito play?

  • Mexico: 5:30 p.m
  • Colombia: 5:30 p.m
  • Ecuador: 5:30 p.m
  • Peru: 5:30 p.m
  • Bolivia: 6.30 p.m
  • Venezuela: 6:30 p.m
  • Argentina: 7:30 p.m
  • Brazil: 7:30 p.m
  • Chile: 7.30 p.m
  • Paraguay: 7:30 p.m
  • Uruguay: 7.30 p.m

Which channel is broadcasting Millionaires vs. LDU Quito?

The meeting between Millionaires vs. LDU Quito will be broadcast via the streaming platform of Millionaires Watch TVexclusive channel of the Ambassador team.

Where do millionaires vs. LDU Quito come from?

The duel between Millionaires vs. LDU Quito It takes place at El Campín Stadium in the Colombian city of Bogotá.