1667506158 Miller Lite sells a Christmas tree stand that doubles as

Miller Lite sells a Christmas tree stand that doubles as a beer keg

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Miller Lite has quite the gift for beer lovers under the tree this year: a new Christmas tree keg stand.

The tree stand — basically a small table used to support the tree — can fit around a quarter-barrel barrel. The design “makes it seem like beer is being poured out of the tree,” Miller Lite associate marketing manager Sarah Showak said in a company blog post on Wednesday.

The limited edition keg stand, available online starting November 10 for $49.99, is the latest addition to the company’s annual Christmas range, which includes ugly Christmas sweaters and hats as well as the popular “beer names, a six-pack of round tree ornaments featuring the Miller Life logo that fit approximately 12-ounce beer cans.

Miller Lite Christmas Tree Barrel Stand

By MolsonCoors

The booth will support a tree weighing up to 150 pounds, or a five-foot-tall evergreen tree with lights and ornaments, the company says, and “plays off the success of Beernaments and makes beer a part of the holiday,” Showak said .

The holiday line is designed to appeal to consumers in a season that has traditionally boosted sales of spirits in general at the expense of beer, according to the blog post.

Miller Lite is a unit of Molson Coors (TAP), a beverage giant that also owns brands like Coors Lite and Blue Moon.