1672695171 Migrants Viminale data makes an impression over 100000 landings in

Migrants, Viminale data makes an impression: over 100,000 landings in 2022

Migrants Viminale data makes an impression over 100000 landings in

The number of landings in Italy will increase in 2022. According to Viminale data updated at the end of December, over 100,000 migrants (104,061) landed on our shores, compared with 67,034 in 2021 and 34,134 in 2020. In particular, the number of landings was recorded on December 28 last year (939), during which Month in which the most arrivals were counted, which was August 16,822. Among the countries of origin of migrants, Egypt ranks first (20,509), followed by Tunisia (18,129), Bangladesh (14,932), Syria (8,594) and Afghanistan (7,241). Finally, there were 12,687 unaccompanied minors in 2022, compared to 10,053 in 2021 and 4,687 in 2020.

Autonomy and reforms on the agenda, but first a rain of decrees

This data enraged Maurizio Gasparri, Senator of Forza Italia: ¬ęThe figures confirmed by Viminale are alarming and unforgiving. Too many illegal immigrants. A change is urgently needed, in line with the commitments made during the election campaign. Along with limited amounts of programmed entries and a plan for Africa, the promised and announced firmness is required. And the decree that intervenes with the NGOs, the “social centers” and the sea taxis is a favorable and necessary intervention for a first decisive turning point. Anyone helping human traffickers must be stopped. Anyone who encourages travel with inadequate means is responsible for the tragedies of the seas. Firmness saves lives and shatters crime, extorting money from the desperate to pay their executioners. The new decree marks a turning point. But then – Gasparri stresses again – a “security package” with further measures and regulations for police personnel will be needed. Forza Italia will make proposals in line with its programmes, which are also in line with the goals of the entire centre-right party. Forza Italia, in support of the government decree, will indicate other objectives to support the action of the people in uniform and the Ministry of the Interior”.

Ong, the move to bypass the government blockade.  Start the revolt