Micol Incorvaia disqualified from GF Vip for violating the regulation?/ A video…

Micol Incorvaia disqualified from GF Vip for violating the regulation?/ A video…

Micol Incorvaia threatened with disqualification?

Micol Incorvaia who has violated regulation of Big Brother VIP 2022 and it is endangered disqualification? A video has surfaced online, sparking controversy with several users demanding disciplinary action be taken against C’s sisterLice Incorvaia, but what exactly happened? The offensive video was also published among the stories of his Instagram profile by Deianira Marzano comes from the 28th episode of the reality show. As always, Alfonso Signorini dedicated the last part of the evening series to the nominations.

Micol Incorvaia, not immune, nominated in the guided room along with other candidates. All participants gathered in a circle had 30 seconds to select the tenant card to be named. At the end of the thirty seconds, Signorini asked all the Vipponi present in the room to discard all unselected cards, holding in their hands only those of the Vippone who would have nominated them, and at that point Micol would have violated the ordinance.

The gesture of Micol Incorvaia

According to a video circulating on social media, Micol IncorvaiaIn the nominations of the 28th episode of Big Brother Vip 2022, he would have held two cards instead of one by placing them on top of each other. A gesture that would have allowed her to be nominated after hearing part of her companions’ nominations. This was also noticed by Dan Saber who commented on the subject on social media, as reported by Biccy:

“Guys, I read that they wanted to disqualify me. – said Dana – But holding two cards and nominating the one that fits the pack at the last moment is legitimate. […] Who was I unpopular among the Vipponi? Oh my god, I’d rather tell you who were the few I liked”. Will Signorini ask for clarifications on the matter?