Mick Jagger doesnt want to sell the Rolling Stones catalog

Mick Jagger doesn’t want to sell the Rolling Stones catalog: “My children don’t need 500 million, I’d rather give it to charity”

One more album, the 24th, and then who knows. The eternal rock boy, 80 years old and not wanting to stop, is ready to release the Rolling Stones’ latest album on October 20th. And he spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the English band’s endless catalog and what he plans to leave to his children, although it’s strange to hear him talk about his plans for a future away from the stage. In recent years, numerous musical monuments have undertaken to sell their catalog: from Bruce Springsteen to Neil Young, from Bob Dylan to Paul Simon to the heirs of David Bowie. They have also been joined by younger artists such as Justin Timberlake, John Legend and Katy Perry, who are poised to benefit from the very high valuation of their artistic assets so far. A market that is still very advantageous financially, but that is already showing signs of slowing down, pushing several artists to take advantage of it while they can. The sale of the large catalog of names is worth several million euros and also makes it possible to shape the succession by monetizing creativity for the benefit of the heirs. Assessments that Jagger certainly made, even though he admitted he was “not good at business,” but that pushed him in the opposite direction.

The Rolling Stones catalog

Jagger & Co. boasts the rights to a wide range of music production, although not all, that the Rolling Stones created throughout their career. Because her accountant Allen Klein, who died in 2009, had secured the rights to all previous songs. His company, Abkco Reciords, still owns the copyrights to iconic songs such as (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Paint It Black and Ruby Tuesday. Where to go with over 50 years of artistic production? “I have no intention of selling the catalog,” he told the Wall Street Journal, “Kids don’t need $500 million to live well, come on,” and then suggested a charitable donation: “I want to rather do something good.” the world ». The “children” he is talking about are the singer’s eight children, aged between 6 and 52. Before him, his colleague and friend Keith Richards had raised the same topic: “I don’t know if we’re ready.” We’ll carry on for a while and pack in a few more things. The only thing selling a catalog means is getting old.”

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