Michelle Salas poses on a yacht in a tiny blue bikini and dazzles    Live USA

Michelle Salas poses on a yacht in a tiny blue bikini and dazzles Live USA

The model Michelle Salas dazzled on her Instagram account by posing dressed in one small bikini who left his almost unreal shape.

The set featured a feather that formed ultra-feminine pleats and a cord that tied in the middle. She completed it with a sarong with orange detailing and wore a green hat to protect herself from the sun.

“Don’t forget to use sunscreen,” he wrote, adding more than 10,000 reactions.

days before, Michelle Salas He posted a photo where he sees one Yellow thong bikini and a blue nightgown and shorts set. She upped the glamor with a pair of sunglasses and flaunted flawless skin.

Michelle Salas She is the singer’s daughter Luis Miguel and from Stephanie Salas. Despite trying to stay out of the media spotlight for most of her youth, she is now finding success as an influencer on social media.

Long time moved to New York to start her career as a fashion designer. She has worked with the most well-known brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Cartier and Tommy Hilfiger and even did an internship at Carolina Herrera.

Salas shares fashion and beauty tips on her social networks. She recently revealed that although she didn’t have acne as a teenager, she started getting pimples when she started taking birth control.

“My hormones went completely haywire and instead of helping me I didn’t have breakouts, they came out. Everyone left their mark on me,” he said instagram.

the acne breakouts They made her feel insecure walking out and I thought they would never be removed. He went to dermatologists and couldn’t find an end to his problem. After all, in his case, dealing with acne was quite a process.

“The question of taking care of myself, eating well, limiting milk and cheese has helped me a lot; not sharp and of course go to a dermatologist. When you suffer from it, it is very frustrating and psychologically draining. Learn to listen to your body, although I know it’s complicated, because what works for me may not necessarily work for you and vice versa,” he said.

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