Michelle Salas and the photos with which she drew attention

Michelle Salas and the photos with which she drew attention and stopped traffic in New York

Think about Michelle Salas it always implies the fact of seeing her as one of the greatest Mexican women. As if it were a top model, that Daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas He knows how to make the most of his stage presence. Spiked and with the ability to transmit with any outfit she chooses, Michelle doesn’t hesitate to dare and transcend trends.

For this reason, he caused a stir with his latest photos in which he can be seen enjoys his beloved New York, a city where he lives for a long time and where he has found peace in the chaos, giving him the opportunity to shine between the crazy traffic and the streets full of stories.

So he chose an outfit from the famous Designer Carolina Herrera and planted to look spectacular, All of this while rumors surface that Michelle could be getting married.

Michelle Salas stops traffic in New York

Dressed in a black blazer and paired with knee high boots, she was like Michelle managed to outshine everyone who stood next to her. Therefore, the streets of New York served perfectly to see her strolling and enjoying the cityscape with its emblematic buildings, its streets bathed in eclectic sounds and the cars crowded in front of her, to lose her mind when she admired them.

So Salas stopped traffic, got up, and was always ready to appear slightly haughty and full of beauty.

Her mother is delighted with her

And it’s not for less, well Stephanie Salas, her motherShe lives forever in love with the special presence of her eldest daughter. He showed that in the Instagram post where Michelle shared the imagesleaves a loving message for Michelle.

Enjoyed the winter weather

It is worth remembering that Stephanie has recently been enjoying the bliss of her romance with Humberto Zurita, whom her daughters already know and have lived with.

“You are the best Mushhhhhh,” exclaimed Stephanie Salas, accompanying her message with emojis and hearts.

Stephanie enchants with her daughter


Michelle Salas hits fashion with sequin mini dress