Michelle Renaud Implants almost cost me my life

Michelle Renaud: “Implants almost cost me my life”

According to the Puerto Rican journalist Barbara Bermudo revealed the Calvary who lived to his cuas implants Mammary glands for 17 years, Mexican actress Michelle Renaud remembered her Experience. The protagonist of the soap operaThe Heritage‘ she pulled back increases which was carried out in breasts in January 2020 when this was giving him a hard time subjects from Health.

The truth is that more and more famous decide pull out her implants because of reactions secondary than this procedure esthetic brings manipulated This is the case with the girlfriend of the Chilean actor Matthew Novoathe through his networks Social shared what was suffered.

Michelle Renaud Implants almost cost me my life

Michelle Renaud recalled the bad experiences she had with her breast implants.

With some before and after pictures of the performed implants, Michelle counted his bad Experience. “I got implants because I was insecure (society-imposed beliefs). I had to take them off for health reasons. And the gift was a safety shot and many symptoms went away like extreme fatigue, bruises, acne and white spots, white light dizziness, fluid retention, low self esteem, depression,” the actress wrote.

Additionally, renaud noticed that with the implants be Life he was in risk. “Implants almost took my life. Having the implants removed restored my health and boosted my self-esteem.” The Mexican commented that she had lived the same thing for years complications The Barbara Bermudo had told in his publicationbut this now, with that explanthis life has taken a turn and he is both feeling much better physically as emotionally.

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Michelle Renaud had the same health complications as Bárbara Bermudo.

“Breast implant disease can be very silent or full of symptoms. The reality is that the body fights this external agent every day. Sooner or later you may collect a bill. For my part, I feel 100%, since I had an explant, all the symptoms have disappeared at once,” he said. Michelle.

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Michelle Renaud has her breast implants removed

If Michelle Renaud decided to retire implants Breast used his social networks for speak open off output. “Aesthetics will NEVER come before my health. How can I teach my son to love himself and his body? with implants in my body! If I have a daughter and she is flat what message would I give her? he wrote at the time. “I realized implants didn’t fit with my self esteem or my lifestyle, it put Marcelo’s mother at risk,” the actress concluded.