Michelle Hunziker in tears and beyond The 10 photos of

Michelle Hunziker in tears and beyond. The 10 photos of the "Gender Reveal Party" by Aurora

Finally a boy! That’s what Michelle Hunziker must have thought at Aurora Ramazzotti’s gender reveal party. After three daughters – in addition to Aurora, 27, also little Celeste and Sole, from the ex-martyr Tomaso Trussardi – there is finally a blue ribbon in the Hunziker house. And in the face of so much emotion, the presenter couldn’t hold back her tears. To immortalize her with her face wet with emotion, Sara Daniele, daughter of singer Pino, who organized the party to announce the baby’s gender for her friend Aurora, is a traditional American party.

Eros and Michelle are proud parents

If Michelle seems out of touch enough to be sharing photos of her pregnant daughter ASAP, Eros is instead much more reserved (but no less happy). That’s Eros’ appreciation of Goffredo, who works in marketing and has worked with Auri for about five years. His parents were also at the party today, just as happy.

Gender Reveal Party with “Tug of War”

There are many types of gender reveal parties that have become fashionable in recent years. And Aurora, of all people, decided to play the “tug of war”. Why is? Once all the guests have arrived in place, two dolls will start rotating among the guests: one is a baby girl, the other is a baby boy. Then, at a certain point, the parents decide it’s time to reveal the baby’s gender and stand in the middle of the guests. In front of everyone, the two puppets begin to pull on the rope. It goes without saying that the one who matches the sex of the unborn child wins. At this point, a shower of confetti is fired at those present.