Michelle Hunziker, «if you get to the bottom of it…».  Confession that leaves everyone speechless

Michelle Hunziker, «if you get to the bottom of it…». Confession that leaves everyone speechless

Michelle Hunziker has decided to open up fully with those who follow her passionately and leave a strong message, she’s been through some really dark and painful times.

This year we’ve experienced some breakups that may have left us speechless after the storm sparked by the breakup of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi someone forgot we found out about it earlier this year Divorce judgment of Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi.

Michelle Hünziker

A time of great turbulence which the couple saw in the eye of the storm to try to understand the reasons that led the two to split after so many years of relationship and two daughters. A difficult time for both of them, who didn’t fail to tell each other sad, sometimes angry about what had happened.

Later, Michelle found some serenity and a smile together with the new love, the Sardinian surgeon Angiolini, with which it seems to have found a good balance.

Over the years the famous presenter He’s had to go through some really tough times As she has said, in the early 2000s she joined a cult where she had been brainwashed, leading her to controversial acts such as distancing her from all of her affections.

It was her daughter Aurora, just a child at the time, who put her back on track and made her realize that she needed to be close to the people she loved and who loved her. A bad situation to get out ofHowever, over the years she has had to take a lot of criticism, attacks not only against her but also against her family, especially these days has decided to start a dig that will silence everyone.

Michelle Hünziker

During these holidays she went to Sardinia with her partner to discover the territory, the two not only live by the sea but they will also discover the hinterland and its historical wonders. As an an example the ruins of the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina in Paulilatino in the province of Oristano, a true architectural marvel that has remained almost unchanged over the years (around 1,500-1,200 BC).

He used the background of this suggestive frame to send a message Head up the temple’s long staircase that will bring it to the surfaceKnown for her play of perspective and precision-crafted forms, she had her photograph taken walking from true darkness to light and wrote: “When you’ve gone all the way down, go up…always…and you’ll always be full of new energy”.

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Many have interpreted his message as a lack represent a spiritual rebirth, that breaks down all that wall of haters and messages that often try to bury it.

Michelle is fine now she is happy and wants to enjoy this serenity, although she used to have to walk through the dark to find herself.